On Location: Conceptual Photography.

One of our studio’s latest on-location photo shoots took place in a spacious dance studio – our subject: professional ballroom dancers. We transported our studio equipment to the location and spent the afternoon working with two extremely talented and beautifully photogenic individuals.

This conceptual photo shoot required a full production crew: Phil, three assistants, our hair and makeup artist, and the dance partners’ manager, who contributed to the art direction process. Using a great amount of our studio’s resources and equipment, our team built a scenic and romantic environment for the dancers to display their moves. We all worked together to create the atmosphere that we had imagined. To add to the mood of the shoot, we ran a fog machine under the backdrop, filling the hardwood floor with a layer of white clouds. Using large brooms, we contained the fog within the dancers’ posing space. Using this lighting scenario required our models to stay within a relatively small area of the set, ensuring that the lights would land where they should. Adding to the complexity of this photo shoot, our team worked to document the action, using both photography and video. These efforts are directly related to our studio’s new interest in video and viral marketing. (More exciting news to come!)

The professional photographs we produced for this team will serve as a lasting marketing tool as well as a gorgeous depiction of the couple’s incredible talent and skill. Our team had a great time producing this shoot, and, more importantly, so did our clients. Check out the finished product!

conceptual photography