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In Studio: Food Photography.

Our photo studio has been keeping very busy this month, shooting lots of new products as well as food. In our most recent food photography shoot, we collaborated with our client to put together a stunning seafood stew dish. We styled and shot the ingredients laid out on a large cutting board prior to cooking and styling the collective dish; this start-to-finish concept was conceived by our own in-house stylist, Susan Evans.

Check out the final product – looks delicious, doesn’t it? Food photography often requires the use of chemicals and other non-edible, not so tasty, substances to create and maintain a genuinely fresh and appetizing appearance. Although decorative, beautiful, and worthy of mouth-watering – we wouldn’t recommend eating this dish!

food photography

food photography

food photography

In Studio: Product Photography.

Recently Phil and our team had the pleasure of working with Global Pathogen Solutions, the manufacturer of a revolutionary new tool that supports health and safety in emergency situations. This cutting edge tool safely removes stun-gun darts, protecting law enforcement, military, medical, and other professionals from dangerous bloodbourne pathogens. We were very excited to collaborate with Carson Linker and GPS to create informative product photography that would aid in selling this wonderful product.

We held several shoots with GPS to accomplish various shots. Some of the most exciting images to create (shown below) were the shots illustrating the light-up and glow-in-the-dark capabilities of the product.

gps product photography-1

gps product photography-2

gps product photography-3

Feeling seasonally affected?

S.A.D.: seasonal affective disorder.

All of us here at the studio are just itching to see any reminder of sunlight and summertime in these cold, dark Portland winter months. If you share our “sadness,” take a look at a stunning shot of model Starla Arnold, rocking a rad pair of shades by Spy Optic. And just like that – it almost feels like that time of year again…

accessories photography

To view more professional accessory photography, visit us at and navigate to the accessories image gallery.

Launching into 09.

Our team has worked diligently over the last several months to update and improve our main website, and launch our brand new product photography site, Our extensive portfolio of product photography and commercial/advertising photography, available on, can be easily navigated and viewed, thanks to new flash features. Our updated site features hundreds of new images as well as two entirely new portfolio sections: projects and personal work. Another addition to our site is the aftereffects page, which highlights the post-production process by transitioning from before to after images. Within the informational section of our site, we have added a media section (containing free downloadable Philip Burnett Photography marketing materials) an FAQ section to answer all of your questions relating to professional photography and, more specifically, questions regarding product photography.

To view the new and improved website, visit, and to see the brand new, product photography-only site, visit


Apparel Photography: Mabel & Zora

On May 24th, 2008, commercial photographer, Philip Burnett, shot apparel photography for the local Portland boutique, Mabel & Zora. Mabel & Zora features unique women’s fashion ranging from clothing, accessories, luggage and local products and have two locations in the Portland area. All of the images were shot in studio using highly stylized lighting techniques.

Apparel photography from Mabel & Zora shoot:



Model: Katja Glühr | MUA: Sabrina Cayne


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Apparel Photography: SameUnderNeath

As part of our portfolio building for on model apparel photography, commercial photographer, Philip Burnett, partnered with a number of local boutiques around the Portland area, one store being SameUnderNeath. We admired their sense for fashion coupled with their mission and belief fostered around being a clothing company for everyone, no matter your background or lifestyle. Along with working to unite the human race, their company is also driven by sustainability. They develop clothing for the environmentally conscience in an effort to help sustain the earth through positive business practices.

The following set of images were shot on location in a bamboo environment. Using an advertising photography approach, we felt it would be a great idea to connect the model’s surroundings to the actual materials used in the creation of the clothing, those being bamboo and cashmere.

Apparel photography from SameUnderNeath shoot:



Model: Felisa Grubb | MUA: Sabrina Cayne

The image below was taken in the studio as part of the apparel photography shoot for SameUnderNeath.

Model: Elicia Reed


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Marketing : Think Outside the Box

In the fast-paced, quickly advancing industry of professional photography, it takes persistence to stay in the game. At Philip Burnett Photography, our marketing efforts are perpetual. We are constantly creating fresh material and sending it out weekly, via e-mail and/or post, from our Portland, Oregon photo studio. Our most recent marketing campaign, titled Think Outside the Box, features a normal cardboard moving box, transformed into an impressive product. This campaign was conceived with the intention of highlighting our studio’s exceptional product photography capabilities and has been wonderfully successful thus far.




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